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Your bedroom should be a refuge –a quiet, restful place where you are able to take a break in the end of a very long moment. However, as a lot people know, reality does not always align with this perfect. However, not to worry. We talked with Courtney McLeod, leader of New York City-based Right Meets Left Interior Design, that gave us hints about the best way best to sound- and – light-proof your bedroom so it’s possible to get much better sleep. Happy decorating!

Tips on Soundproofing

Among the most crucial approaches to reduce noise? Rugs.
“People often underestimate the power of a good rug pad,” says McLeod. “It can transform an inexpensive rug to feel much more plush and luxurious. It also acts as a great sound barrier.”
She informs us that wall-to-wall rug has become the best, but that may not be a fantastic alternative for many tenants. A fantastic option is a Recherche appartement area carpeting. Size it to match roughly 12 inches of exposed floors around the outside of the space. For those on a budget, she still advocates searching for cheap goods on

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Consider Upholstered Furniture

Look at adding as many”soft surfaces” as you can, which will obviously soften sound. A thick duvet on the bed, an upholstered, end-of-bed seat, along with a decorative blanket or quilt wrapped on the wall are all great examples. McLeod indicates as a source for trendy and affordable wall tapestries.

Consider Upholstered Walls or a Headboard

If the budget permits, having walls is an extremely effective sound barrier.
For a style budget-friendly choice, you are also able to think about a ceiling-height upholstered headboard.

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“The fabric on an upholstered headboard can help absorb excess sounds,” says McLeod.
Renters whose bedrooms share a wall with another tenant might appreciate this alternative. As an extra bonus, they also appear super trendy. For tenants, think about a oversized headboard to present extra sound proofing.

Tips on Light Proofing

“My favorite trick is to use stationary curtain panels plus blackout roman shades,” says McLeod. “This effectively solves the problem of light seepage on the sides of the window and also dresses the window very nicely. Ikea makes great inexpensive curtain panels and is a good resource for budget-friendly blackout shades.”

Secondly, utilize thick window remedies to soften external sounds and control mild. Search for blackout lined drapes in a heavier weight cloth such as cotton, wool flannel, or even velvet. She guides heading to Ikea to your shop’s thick velvet curtains and blackout liners which may be added to drapes. Bed, Bath & Beyond also sells cheap, lined curtains in many different colors.

Check the Seal Around Your Windows

Strips of insulated foam can be bought from the hardware shop and used to fill almost any big openings, thereby decreasing areas for light and sound to create it inside.